Karbarg - Intelligent accounting platform

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JavaScript,T-SQL Stored Procedures,Razor Pages
june 16th, 2023
Karbarg is a web application for construction projects. It helps users to create, manage, and monitor their projects online. It uses ASP.NET Core for fast and scalable web development. It also uses artificial intelligence to analyze and check the financial documents and reports. It aims to save time and solve accounting problems easily and efficiently.
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SEO Services, online analytics and click-based advertisement, very fast page load time and social media marketing were 6 key features required creating the website, which were considered since design time and were successfully developed.
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Integrate payment gateway, email and SMS notifications, image and file upload and storage, error logging and exception handling, performance optimization and caching.
Have mobile app and chat room for document exchange and communication
Enable company account and employee authentication
Allow users and supervisors to make appointments online
“The team at web2gain is incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable, and helpful. The finished product was beautiful, and worth every penny. I would absolutely recommend Moonex Labs.”
- Jhon henry , ceo at notero jsc -

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2 Months

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since 2019

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